Green Duck Industries

Established in 2010, Green Duck Industries is India's first and largest manufacturer of biodegradable waterless car wash and eco-friendly car care products. Over these years, our product Waterless Car Wash has been sold worldwide and has been exported to more than 17 countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Iceland, South Africa and many more.


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Our Products

With headquarters in Delhi (India), Green Duck Industries is committed to manufacture the highest quality and innovative range of eco friendly car care products including our popular Waterless Car Wash.


How Green Duck Waterless Car Wash Works?


Why Choose Us?

Zero VOCs
Our product Waterless Car Wash does not contain any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) making it 100% safe.
Nationwide & Overseas Delivery
We deliver nationwide and overseas. 17+ countries served since 2010. Bulk order quote is available upon request.
Private Labelling
Green Duck provides private labelling for customers who wants their brand name on our products.
The Original Green Duck Formula
Our product Waterless Car Wash works in extreme heat and direct sun and can be applied in freezing temperature.

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