India’s 1.1 billion people need access to clean drinking water
  • Currently 30% of the rural population lack access to drinking water and of the 35 states in India, only 7 have full availability of drinking water for rural inhabitants.
  • Water is typically available for only 2-8 hours a day in most Indian cities.
  • Preventable diseases caused by inadequate water supply and sanitation affect millions of the Indians.
  • According to a World Bank study, Of the 27 Asian cities with populations of over a million, Chennai and Delhi are ranked as the worst performing metropolitan cities in terms of hours of water availability per day, while Mumbai is ranked as second worst performer and Calcutta fourth worst.
  • India’s demand for water is growing at an alarming rate.
  • As per a research paper, which was recently presented at a national symposium, India is expected to suffer from relentless water strain by 2020 with the per capita accessibility of water coming down to less than 1,000 cubic meters.
Everyone in the India uses 150 litres a day, it is essential that we all reduce the amount of water we waste or we will run out of water. If we don’t change our lifestyle and careless attitude towards Mother Nature, India will certainly experience severe water stress in the coming years.

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