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After servicing a car, I normally used to wash it and charged Rs. 350 for the same. Out of this amount, Rs. 250 was going straight to the car wash stations. After I started using Green Duck Waterless Car Wash, single car wash cost me nothing more than Rs. 20, and I don't even have to take the car to car wash stations. I don't have to apply extra polish and wax as it cleans, polishes and waxes in one go.

Abbas - Small Car Workshop Owner

Giving the best to my customers is my responsibility. Few months back, I started giving free waterless car washes to my client's cars which helped me to gain their loyalty and also a continued business from them. A great value added service, I must say.

Ravinder Singh - Michelin Tyre Dealer

In a state like Rajasthan where drought is very common, keeping our customers vehicles clean and doing it without using an excessive amount of water and chemicals had been a challenge until we started using Green Duck Waterless Car Wash.

Arpit Bhardwaj - Car Wash Services Provider

I've been a Used Car Dealer for over 10 years and have washed and polished thousands of cars. It was too much of hard work for my team. Green Duck Waterless Car Wash is a revolution; we can transform a dirty tired looking car to a showroom finish in very less time and with much less efforts. I have seen many car care products over the years but I can honestly say that this is the best product I have ever used.

Tony Tandon - Car Dealer

Busy schedules, business meetings, I spend half my day traveling and going to a client in a car which is not sparkling is not just my style so I always keep a bottle of Green Duck Waterless Car Wash handy, so every client meeting I go to, my car is always the brightest car.

Dhiraj Battu - Renowned Advertising Professional

Pretty, shiny and sparkly, that's how I always like my car to look. I started using Green Duck Waterless Car Wash about 12 months ago. The only time my car sees water now is when it rains!!

Amit Dang- Doctor & Entrepreneur

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