Waterless Car Wash

Green Duck Waterless Car Wash

Green Duck Waterless Car Wash is a revolutionary environmental friendly (eco-friendly and green) product resulting from years of research and development. It is formulated with restructured gloss-enhancing polymers, real Brazilian carnauba wax along with 20 major active ingredients to provide the vehicle with an instant burst of shine and slickness.

It CLEANS, POLISHES and WAXES your vehicle all at once. Its anti-static property also prevents dust particles from being attracted to the car after washing.

How it works

Green Duck Waterless Car Wash prevents tiny feather scratches from occurring by protecting the finish while the dirt is still on it.

When sprayed on a dirty surface, it shrinks the dirt particles and lifts them off the surface which can be safely wiped away with a microfiber towel without the risk of scratching the surface. Gentle buff with a second microfiber towel leaves behind a flawless showroom shine and protection.

Other products leave swirl marks but Green Duck Waterless Car Wash cleans without scratching the surface.


Spray a small amount (2 or 3 sprays) onto one section at a time

Gently wipe off dirt with a clean microfiber towel (side-to-side motion)

Gently buff dry any remaining product off using second dry and clean microfiber towel (circular motion)

Sizes Available

500 ml

20 Litres

50 Litres

Compatible Surfaces

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